UN Parliamentary Assembly

The United Nations system is the core of a larger system of global governance that has evolved since the end of World War II. But neither system includes an agency that directly represents the people of the world. Rather, people are represented indirectly, if at all, through their country's UN delegations. This would be as if the House of Representatives did not exist in the United States, with the legislative branch consisting exclusively of the hundred-member Senate.

The Campaign for a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly seeks to establish an advisory parliamentary body as a logical early step toward the long-term goal ofcreating a democratic and truly representative system of global governance.

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Updated 2014-09-06

UN Parliamentary Assembly
Minnesota Chapter
This YouTube video, Human History, intimates civilization's ever larger units of organization and its ever more capable means of mass destruction. At the end is a subtle suggestion that a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly could be the next best step for civilization.
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