Citizens for Global Solutions-Minnesotamembers recognize that in today’s interconnected world, our lives, our jobs and our families are increasingly affected by global problems.

Climate change and related environmental degradation are good examples of problems that can't be solved by one country and therefore will require enforceable International law. 

Catastrophic climate change could decimate the global economy and lead to political instability, social strife and mass migration on a historic scale with unknown consequences for  our global civilization. In this sense climate change is as pressing an issue as are nuclear issues.

Neither the limited success of the Copenhagen Climate nor the comfortable cynicism of the “climate deniers” can change the fact that climate change is a very significant challenge. 

The poor and marginalized are most often negatively impacted by climate change. It is likely that tens of milions of environmental refugees will be on the move in the coming decades and this will stress the world's ability to absorb them. Climate change could become a leading cause of civil strife within countries and military action amoung them.

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Global Warming, Climate Chaos and Human Conflict
(Second Version)
- A New "Peace and Justice" Paradigm
Richard Lee Dechert
Climate Change
Minnesota Chapter

Since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution about 230 years ago, carbon dioxide concentrations have risen by 40% (to 388 parts per million, ppm). This continuing rise is associated with rising temperatures that threaten climate and economic stability. Although interest is percolating for setting enforceable goals for carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, for the moment collective will is sputtering to create a binding agreement that will actually stop the 2 ppm rise per year in atmospheric carbon dioxide. 

Link to explanation of 350 ppm goal for carbon dioxide

Link to Union of Concerned Scientists'
"Climate Change 101" page
To cope with climate chaos and human conflict in the 21st century, our planet's "peace and justice" movements must embrace a new paradigm which assumes:
(a) that "peace and justice" within and between nations will be increasingly difficult to secure as human-induced greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, and climate changes become increasingly difficult to reverse; and
(b) that nations and their international organizations have only a few decades and in some cases only a few years to prevent climate changes from becoming irreversible and even more lethal for humans and other species.

My "Global Warming, Climate Chaos and Human Conflict" is premised on that paradigm. The initial version was featured in the Minneapolis-based "Twin Cities Daily Planet" on October 14, 2011. On November 7 Robert Parry's "Consortiumnews" published a rendition of the second version entitled the "Looming Crisis of Climate Chaos."

In the full second version author Chip Ward ends his cited essay by asking, "After Occupy Wall Street, isn't it time for Occupy Earth?." Indeed it is and that's a primary reason I've written and enhanced this version (PDF). Share it with your friends, associates and family members. If you can't download it, please let me know and I'll send a copy.

Richard Lee Dechert
November 19, 2011
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