Citizens for Global Solutions-Minnesotamembers recognize that in today’s interconnected world, our lives, our jobs and our families are increasingly affected by global problems.

Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Proliferation are good examples of problems that can't be solved by one country and therefore will require enforceable International law.

Concerned citizens can let their elected officials know they expect progress on international agreements such as Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START), Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and the Comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT).

Without these and future treaties to enact enforceable international law to control nuclear weapons, billions of lives and our global civilization are in peril. Our national interest and our moral obligation compel us to lead on this issue. If the fog of war goes nuclear anything can happen and it will be too late.

The time for effective, empowered, and funded international solutions to this global problem is now. Posterity will be watching.
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Updated 2015-03-09

Nuclear Weapons and Proliferation
Minnesota Chapter

"I support the New START treaty and believe that it will enhance United States national security."

~ Richard Lugar,
U.S. Senator (R-IND), Ranking Member, Foreign Relations Committee
"We seek the elimination one day of nuclear weapons from the face of the Earth."

~President Ronald Reagan

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