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Minnesota Chapter
Forging the Path to a Nuclear Weapon-Free world
By Tad Daley


Available from Rutgers Press: http://rutgerspress.rutgers.edu/acatalog/Apocalypse_Never.html
(This linked page has a link to a video of Tad discussing his book with readings.)

Fareweell speech of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, the commander-in-chief of the Allies in the largest armed conflict in world history, references a "Confederation of trust and respect" and "the goal of peace with justice." Hear the complete farewell address by clicking the picture above.
Monograph on UN Reform Through Weighted Voting, the "Schwartzberg Plan" by Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg
A collection of essays, this booklet was producced by Ground Zero Minnesota for free worldwide use to encourage development of a professional ethos for the international Intelligence Community.
Empathic Civilization Video
Dr. Joseph Schwartzberg at the UN 10/26/2009
A fresh musical (YouTube) look at some of the words of Martin Luther King Jr. regarding human survival in the modern age.
West Point Graduate, Iraq War veteran, author and peace activist with Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Paul K. Chappell speaks on PBS about ending all war.
The various files at these resource links will help demonstrate the need and practicality of effective global institutions of governance to match the reality of a shrinking world of ever increasing connectedness. Inidividual countries (governance at the national level) can no longer ensure a secure future against global problems.

Also see more specific links relating to global issues on the Issues page.
Quick video of Gary Davis Story, broadway entertainer, bomber crew in WWII, first World Citizen after WWII, and author. He speaks of need for effectrive world government.
Word Bank's information on
 Apps for Delvelopment
Scott Hoffman of WFA interview on World Federalism (part 1)
Scott Hoffman of WFA Interview on World Federalism (Click picture for Part 1)

(Click here for Part 2)
Are We Alone in the Universe?
American Pulitzer Prize–winning syndicated columnist, political commentator, and physician
Krauthammer examines the stakes of not getting international politics right (infers there are problems not solvable at the national level)
Tim Weiner, Pulitzer Prize-winning writer on national security, writes on how to prevent a nuclear war from being fought.
David Banks' Star Tribune 2013 editorial on Jarring change as being "Certain. Surreptitious. Sudden."
Jim Nelson's (past chapter President) editorial appearing in the 5/1/13 Minneapolis Star Tribune on flying the UN flag at City Hall
Joseph Schwartzberg's(current chapter President) editorial appearing in the 5/1/13 Minneapolis Star Tribune on the history of flying the UN flag at City Hall since 1964
"The Good and the Best", Joseph Schwartberg's blog on national website regarding his new book (with links to endorsements)
Samuel Scheffler, professor of Philosophy and Law at Ney York University, wrote in a Star Tribune Opinion article on what to do today if tomorrow never comes (speculates on the survival of future generations as being important to our sense of purpose).
​This YouTube video, Human History, intimates civilization's ever larger units of organization and its ever more capable means of mass destruction. At the end is a subtle suggestion that a United Nations Parliamentary Assembly could be the next best step for civilization.
Dr. Bharat Parekh's 2014 presentation on Ending Childhood Malnutrition.
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David Paxton's March 19, 2015 TTGIF presentation "Overpopulation Is Solvable"
​YouTube Playlist of CGS-MN presentations
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"Muslims as the 'Other'" by Mnar Muhawesh of MintPress News, Oct 24, 2015.